Sunday, September 20, 2009

Loving Comfort Maternity Support Belt

Loving Comfort Maternity Support Belt

I give this product a 4.5 star rating. With my first pregnancy, I carried very wide and didn't have any issues with my back. With this, my second pregnancy, I am carrying all out front and have had lots of back pain as well as lower abdominal pain.

This support belt is great! After my baby had fractured two of my ribs on one side, then two on the other side, I was in quite a bit of pain as the weight of my belly was pulling on the injured ribs. My husband stopped at Motherhood in our local mall and bought me this support belt. I really does pull the weight of your belly up and relieves your back quite substantially.

Per Motherhood: "featuring an abdominal support pad that tucks under belly and lifts up, an adjustable belt that allows you to position the support pad for your comfort (and adjust to your growing belly!), and an upper tummy strap for extra security, this maternity support belt provides a level of belly support that you will love!
  • support belt relieves pain in back, legs, and abdomen
  • provides gentle, firm support where you need it most
  • doesn't show under clothing, so you can feel better and look great!
  • great for all sizes! order size small if your pre-pregnancy dress size was 3-6, size medium if your size was 7-16, size large if your size was 17-20
Priced at just under $40, I found this to be a great investment which made the last couple months of my pregnancy much more comfortable.

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